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The Rihla Program

OMAN and MOROCCO EXPERIENCE ARAB-ISLAMIC CULTURE FROM THE GULF TO THE STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR! A unique chance to perfect your Arabic and deepen your understanding of cultural diversity

Arabic language and much more…

Now a single program offers you the opportunity to explore opposite ends of the Arab world! Two prestigious Arabic language and culture institutions have joined forces to span continents and offer you an experience you will not find elsewhere: Summer: 4 weeks in Oman and 4 weeks in Morocco Semester: 7 weeks in Oman and 8 weeks in Morocco 

SUMMER: AALIM in Meknes, Morocco and NMTI in Ibri, Oman, offer you two ArabIslamic viewpoints, two diverse countries, and 160 hours of Modern Standard Arabic during 8 weeks, PLUS language partners, excursions and casual cultural activities. Meet Omani families, stay with host families in Morocco.
SEMESTER: make extraordinary strides in mastering Arabic and take university classes in Arabic; prepare with intensive Arabic at NMTI in Oman then go to the university with Moroccan students and enjoy full academic support from AALIM.

How the two Institutes create one unique experience

Advantages of the joint program

Learn Arabic and so much more: compare, contrast, absorb two related cultures

During an 8 week summer program, cover the equivalent of one year of Arabic

  • A two-country coordinated academic program
  • Stay long enough in each to absorb local flavor and be more than a tourist
  • Coordinated cultural program; discover the similarities and differences of the two regions
  • Two fascinating and complementary experiences in a single summer or semester
  • A chance to meet Omani and Moroccan families and youth: participate in the culture “from inside”
  • Certificate attesting to successful participation in the joint program
  • Official transcript of grades

Consecrate a semester

to mastering your Arabic and experiencing university life  in Arabic



  • Focus on Arabic: 150 contact hours
  • 20 hours per week of class
  • 2 language partner sessions per week
  • cultural activities some afternoons
  • two single day excursions
  • daily RT transportation to school
  • housing: apartments with roommate
  • lunch at school on class days
  • visits to Omani families
  • Omani component seven weeks
  • Choose 3 classes at the University of Moulay Ismail in Meknes (UMI)
  • AALIM faculty attend UMI classes and provide 1 hour of content debrief in Arabic per class
  • 4 hours of Arabic language per week
  • 1 optional content course at AALIM
  • Moroccan host families with 2 meals/day
  • 2 language partner sessions per week
  • Moroccan component eight weeks

 (Note: anything not mentioned above is not included in program fees)

Inquiries for the Omani portion of the program should be addressed to
Samira Selle, Student Affairs Manager
contact Samira Selle
Inquiries for the Moroccan portion of the program should be addressed to
Anne Marie Skye, AALIM Executive Office

contact Anne Marie Skye
Inquiries about the program in general may be sent to either of the above contacts.


The Arab American Language Institute in Morocco, AALIM, has its U.S. offices in Virginia, while all programs are held in Meknes, Morocco. AALIM is recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of Education and has many prestigious client-partners, including the CLS, (the Critical Language Scholarship). AALIM provides experienced teaching faculty who are highly trained professionals specialized in teaching Arabic as a second language. They have experience at all levels, from beginning to very advanced Arabic; and in teaching students of all ages, from 10 to 60 years old. The Institute also employs support staff (guest lecturers, tour guides, security), vetted host families (many with US Embassy security clearance) and organizes trips and outings; assures suitable infrastructure including classroom space, meeting spaces, internet connection and Arabic television channels.


Noor Majan Training Institute is located in Ibri, Oman. The Institute is in the old Souq near the historic fort. In this stunning setting, NMTI offers students full Arabic immersion and easy access to the Omani way of life, while specializing in high-quality Arabic programs. NMTI hosts the CLS program plus students from all five continents and more than 20 countries, cooperating with American and German foreign ministries, universities in Scandinavia, Germany and the USA. The Institute also hosts individual students from U.S., European and Australasian universities as well as professionals such as lawyers, veterinarians, engineers and medical doctors, (Medecins Sans Frontieres). The Institute provides intensive and ongoing training in Oman and the US for their enthusiastic, experienced and qualified teachers. By constantly improving its performance, NMTI has become and remains one of the Gulf’s leading Arabic language schools.

Extraordinary value

Cost of 8 week summer program, (does not include ticket MoroccoOman) $5,000
Cost of 15 week semester program (does not include ticket Oman-Morocco) $12,820

Terms and Conditions

Bridging East and West.

Study Arabic Language and Culture and discover the Arab World